“Laurie’s workshop, DISCOVER YOUR NORTH NODE, was very interesting and informative.  I came in knowing a little bit about my astrology chart but the topic she addressed added a new level of understanding for me.  I learned so much more about my soul purpose and how I show up in the world.  Her presentation was professional. I loved that she was able to offer personal information for all the attendees.  I highly recommend her classes and astrology readings.” Terri Ann Heiman - Natural Forces Studio -  TerriAnnHeiman.com     

  “I had an Astrology reading from Laurie...she prepared my birth chart and confirmed many things about my life that I'd always thought were true. She was even able to tell me about major life events that had occurred previously based on my chart and explained how that tied into my personality. I was able to learn what my North Node is which confirmed for me that I'm on the right life path. It was truly an amazing experience. I loved it so much that I referred my boyfriend and then went back again for a synastry reading. I highly recommend her services!” - Andrea N  client

  “As I write this, a powerful full moon is rising, a phenomenon I thought I understood. But my star reading session with Laurie revealed so much more! Of course she discussed my inherent skills and personality traits, but she delved into my singular place in the cosmos and how my life purpose was constantly revealing itself. Laurie used her knowledge and insight to PLACE me in time, space and energy, and I left inspired and excited to step right into that place. I can’t wait to learn more!” - Trudi M client